With a seamless mix of fresh ideas, creativity, worldwide capabilities, efficiency, leading-edge technology and single-source simplicity, we aim for excellence. We have the limitless resources and in-depth knowledge and to help our clients minimize their costs and maximize their revenues. Our vitality of capabilities gives our clients true end-to-end services.
With hi-tech solutions set for the challenges of today’s world, we give you more marketing channels to

explore and more ways to succeed.

Pre-Press Facilities:


Be it photos, paper documents, graphics or even low depth 3D objects, our high-end scanner can digitalize any material for perfect reproduction. The Heidelberg 4100 Nexscan Flatbed scanner can flexibly handle inputs of virtually any size, shape and quality.

Work Stations

Anderson maintains international standard workstations with the latest Apple and Intel systems and software. The workstations are networked via Gigabit Ethernet and RAID 2 Tera Byte (500 GB X4) online server to enable smooth data transfer.

Press Facilities:

Computer To Plate (CTP)

Traditional processing requires transferring an image from artwork to film positives, and then on to the printing plate. The Kodak Prinergy Connect and Kodak Platesetter 800 Computer-to-Plate systems eliminate the need for positives, transferring the artwork directly to the plate. This saves both time and transfer loss and ensuring greater sharpness and detailed digital proofing.

Anderson’s high fidelity Digital inkjet devices from Epson and HP enable you to check-out the exact look and feel of a print job before sending it to the press. Final color and type corrections can be made at this stage to prevent expensive mistakes.

AM And FM Screening:

AM screening is the most widely used form of screening today, where the position and angle of dots forming the printed image remain fixed, but the size of each dot is varied to reproduce the effect of continuous tone. On the other hand, FM screening uses dots of the same size but places them randomly in varying amounts to reproduce continuous tone. This reproduces images with incredible sharpness and enables users to reap the full benefit of the computer-to-plate process. Anderson uses Heidelberg Meta Dimension and Kodak FM, AM & Hybrid screening to provide its customer varied the range of services and end results.

Colour And Ink Management

The latest color and ink management software eliminate the guesswork from the production processes and helps to render your visuals perfectly without the scope of error.

Anderson’s Heidelberg color management and CPC32-CIP4 digital ink management software are used for managing and controlling color throughout the production cycle. Spectrophotometers are used to measure and correct any color inconsistencies.

Offset Printing

Offset printing is the most common printing technique nowadays, in which the inked image is transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface. Compared to other printing methods, offset printing is the most cost-effective and also best suited for producing large volumes of high-quality prints. The process also requires little maintenance.

At Anderson, both Computer to Plate and Computer to Film systems are used, according to the quality and quantity demand. Anderson has the complete range of Heidelberg printing machines from GTOs to SpeedMaster 102.

Digital Printing

The advent of digital printing has brought technical advancements, more options and amazing features to commercial printing. It is a fast process since the digital files from the computer is transferred directly to the printer. More importantly, digital printing enables personalized (one-to-one) communication for more effective direct marketing. Anderson uses Kodak Nexpress, Konica Minolta digital printing press, allowing unmatched creativity and flexibility.

Post Press Facilities

Anderson is acknowledged for its highly efficient post-press services, owing to its experienced and highly trained operators, who ensure your project is 100 percent flawless in finishing irrespective of the print run or number of pages. We have an integrated system for all kinds of cutting, finishing and binding. Equipments used are highly efficient with the capacity to accurately cut, fold, collate and sew the printed material for a wide range of finishing requirement.

Quality Control

Quality results from combining the best people with the finest equipment and workflow systems. At Anderson these have been perfected over 35 years. Production facilities are designed and equipped to facilitate projects from preparation to distribution. People have been trained through long years of working together. Processes have evolved to take care of various contingencies efficiently. Finally, there is the culture of commitment to quality that has always set Anderson apart.

Customer satisfaction is a critical element of our quality drive. Anderson’s approach to quality begins with understanding the needs and expectations in general. Anderson’s approach to quality begins with understanding your needs and expectations in general and pertains to all aspects of the job like pre press, printing, binding, and even invoicing. Any shortcomings reported are taken seriously and corrective processes implemented to ensure that similar situations do not occur in the future.